You have the right to use the contractor of your choice for the insurance repairs on your home.
This is Illinois state law.

Public Adjuster

Be aware of Public Adjusters, they can be high-pressure salesman. They normally charge a fee at 10% of the total insurance loss. This can be a large and unnecessary fee. This fee can make it difficult for you to restore your losses. Public Adjusters have been banned in several states. If you sigh with a Public Adjuster you may cancel your contact within the legally specified time. Public Adjusters may also represent temselves as a contractor. Be sure to ask for a business card and check to see if they are also Public Adjusters. Be aware of the contract terms with a Public Adjuster.

Structure Insurance

Structure Insurance covers the repairs to the building and all attached items. Examples of structure items are drywall, windows, siding, carpet, painting, cabinets, built-in appliances, plumbing, etc. Condo and other policies may vary on structure coverage. This portion of the claim is normally negotiated between the contractor and the Insurance Adjuster. The homeowner then approves it. Insured items and policies may vary.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance covers your personal property, the unattached items. Examples of contents items are furniture, clothing, food, electronics, etc. You will need to choose a content cleaning company if your contents are cleanable. Choose your contents cleaning company the same way you chose your contractor. If our contents cannot be cleaned, you will need to make a detailed list of these items for your insurance company. They will then reimburse you according to your policy coverage. Insured items and policies may vary.

Depreciation, Actual Cash Value (ACV), Replacement Cost

Depreciation is the amount subtracted from the value of an item due to its age and or wear and tear. Actual Cash Value is the value of an item after the depreciation amount has been subtracted. Replacement Cost is the price of a comparable item at today’s market value. Replacement Insurance will pay out the actual cash value to the insured first. Once the replacement items are purchased or installed the withheld depreciation amount will be paid out. An actual cash value policy will pay you for the value of an item minus the depreciation amount. Insured items and policies may vary.


If you have a mortgage on your home the Insurance checks for the structure will have your mortgage company’s name included. The checks will be deposited into the Mortgage Company’s account and then the Mortgage Company will inspect the repairs and issue payments for the work. The payments from the Mortgage Company will also need your approval. Mortgage Company policy may vary.

The above outlines general descriptions. Your circumstances, policy and coverage may vary.

Know the Facts

  1. In the State of Illinois, you can hire the contractor of your choice to repair your insured damages.
  2. Keep in mind, the more money the adjuster saves, the more money the insurance company makes.
  3. You need a contractor working on your side not on the side of the insurance company.
  4. Negotiating with the adjuster without having a qualified restoration contractor is like going to court without an attorney.
  5. You should get everything that you are entitled to.
  6. Restoration work is different from regular construction work and requires detailed estimating, special procedures, special equipment, and special treatments.
  7. Smoke odors and mold may come back if they are not properly treated.

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